02 September 2015


Since the end of the national soccer condemned the range for the dismal performance of its consecutive defeats in friendly matches and tournaments rasmi..Jadi various proposals to improve the quality and performance of these Malayan tiger team game naturalization of foreign players who will play for Team Malaysia to put certain requirements.

At this time featured two world class football players who have a great reputation and performance and is well known and has played for club and country, respectively. They were born in Malaysia but play or represent another country and become citizens tersebut.Nama game, which is intended to represent Scotland Shaun Maloney and Dion Cools, who represented Belgium. Below is some biographical data and record them in the football career .. If the FAM can refer to them representing the country, we certainly success will come and football quality and performance will be enhanced malaysia go ... .Go Malaysia.
Name : Shaun Maloney
Clubs : Hull City England
The Current Value : € 1.1M
Nationality : Scotland
Date Of Birth : 24 January 1983
Age 32
Country Of Birth : Malaysia
Place Of Birth : Miri Sarawak
Position : Midfielder
Height : 170 Cm (5' 7")
Weight : 70 Kg

Foot : Both

Name : Dion Cools
Nationality : Belgium
Clubs : Club Brugge Belgium
The Current Value : € 1.5M
Date Of Birth : 4 June 1996
Age : 19
Country Of Birth : Malaysia
Place Of Birth : Kuching Sarawak
Position : Defender
Height : 185 Cm (6' 1")

Weight : 77 Kg

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