27 September 2015


 Bugatti Veyron Sports – RM5,618,500
 Ferrari Enzo – RM2,214,350
 Lamborghini Reventon – RM5,288,000

Cars these days have to facilitate his duty and to expedite travel to the destination is most important to work but occasionally some people car is a demonstration to show signs of affluence has led to pose the problem of not being able pay..So here are excellent tips from the Association Consumer Safety. (PKP)

If you can not afford to continue to pay your vehicle finance,
you should never:
- Submit KPD 3rd party (samb.bayar @ hire scheme)
- Hide fund the bank to avoid being pulled.
- Sales of spare parts or the like ..

This is because you will diblacklisted, CCRISS, and imposed various fines and towing charges salaries, wages keep stores etc.

Therefore, you are advised to go to the bank involved and surrender your car keys.

The Bank will keep your vehicle and pay within 21 days of the date you submit KPD from bank to be reclaimed.
If you do not recover within 21 days from the date of handover, the bank reserves the right to auction off your vehicle, the results of the auction were to be denied the remaining debt with the bank and the rest is yours.

Bank can not pull your vehicle if:

1- Finance dh more than 75% unless there is a court letter

2- Your vehicle is in a gated residential area.

3- On public holidays

4- After 9pm.

-Ajen Towing cars must have the authority card (EPS) Agent Recovery from this ministry.

- If the car comes sipenarik more than one person, all of them must have a card EPS. If one of them fails to show the card, you have the right to lodge a police report for bringing gangsters and others.

The event also as above, you have the right to lodge a police report to have violated the act.

Gangster Car Towing

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