02 September 2015


Every year we celebrate Independence every year also this time we were all made to leave the public holiday. At this holiday time various activities that we do in accordance with their respective tastes and hobbies, but what about our parents that were in our hometown, even for a second visit they spend when they still have life, sacrifice your time time they entertained their hearts .. poet said parent no sacrifice their irreplaceable against us, can not be measured with anything besides what you think of their age logic was not long with us .What are sure they now have most of the 60 years of age, when they are gone, we will regret it, misses and other feelings that come without the law ... For those of us who have no parents pray for their welfare plenty THERE ... amin..selalu and plenty of charity alfatihah ... do not forget also plenty of donations at mosques they intend to and for us as well ... money can be sought but love and sacrifice them to our more than anything ... let us together pray for prosperity and happiness to both our parents whether they are there and yanag has left us ... .aminnn ...

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