15 September 2015


"SuperMokh" the title of the late Mokhtar Dahari (1953-1991) He is a Malaysian National Football Legend's no substitute so far. Title SuperMokh given as vein scored many goals during his career with the Selangor state. Throughout his career he has scored 302 goals in official games of 177 goals in 375 matches while representing teachers and 125 goals in 167 matches while representing Malaysia. He is a striker Selangor team since 1971 to 1987 and the country's main striker since 1972 to 1985.

The history of football in the country where he was listed as the first Malaysian players can play with the world football legend Diego Maradona This historic event occurred on  14 January 1982 at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur. Many may not know this soccer legend Event two met in a friendly in the country, four years before becoming a superstar and famous Maradona at Mexico 1986 World Cup with Argentina to the 1986 FIFA World Championship title, which recorded the history of the Hand of God. The match is now considered a historic friendly match between the favorites Selangor led by Mokhtar Dahari with famous Argentine Club Boca Juniors, led by Diego Maradona, who was then aged 21. During the match Boca Juniors won 2-1.

In the History Channel program on ASTRO one time slot on the career of Diego Maradona (Maradona during his detention in rehabilitation centers due to drug-related offenses and alcohol addiction) .In the interview the reporter asked about the Footballer Asia..Maradona to answer one of the players asia great he ever met was Mokhtar Dahari of Malaysia. As Malaysians, we also take pride in their praise of the legend of World Football's .Question now why Supermokh be hebat..By record players and records of the reasons is that they have a natural talent and hard work continue without feeling tired and demoralized example (He practicing alone more than other players to sharpen skills and improve weaknesses) fulfilled the training period (down to practice ahead of time but completed training later than the other players) This can be an example for all young players in the Malaysian players are now so someday No more SuperMokh II and became a football star in Asia or the World ... Finally Al-Fatihah for the late ... Amin ...

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