15 Oktober 2015


Vehicle modifications usually begins with changing the tire rim and standard to SPORT RIM. By simply changing the face of a rim sport car will continue to change from standard face to face appear more vivid and attractive or stylish racing.

Among the advantages of using Sport Rim is:

i >> Strengthening the vehicle especially when taking corners as the tires which are larger in width.

ii >> Installation rim sport also increases driver confidence when braking, as the vehicles were positioned quite balanced.

Among the disadvantages of using Sport Rim is:

i >> Causes damage to various tools related to tire as wheel bearings, mounting the drive shaft that will be quickly damaged if wrongly chosen sport rims that do not fit on the rim and tire size.

ii >> Causes nursing costs (servicing and maintenance) will be higher if the rim and tire choice does not suit your car cc This will make the perishable or shorten the lifespan of the equipment shock absorbers, spring clearance, alignment difficult to enter, as well as the impact on steering and to all undercharage bush and arm and balljoint.

iii >> Kos oil consumption will increase and varies from rims and standard tires because of the size. The larger the size the higher the tire rim and oil consumption.

The main thing you need to make sure that the rim to be purchased completely in accordance with the specifications of your car. The most suitable and many car owners will switch to 2 inches to 3 inches larger than the original rim size only. The size of sport rim should be based on the standard car power because of wheel bearings, drive shaft mounting and will quickly be damaged rim sport that does not suitable..Example following guidelines:

If the car is 1.3 cc (14 inch sport rims used)
If the 1.3-1.6 cc car (used 15-inch sport rims)
If cc car 1.6-2000 (16-inch sport rims used)
if cars above 2,000 cc but max up to 21 inches.

In conclusion, before switching to Sport Rim you have to think many times, the advantages and disadvantages of using Sport Rim as well as the impact of short-term and long terms of how many of the most important cost your budget..If big budget "tepuk dada tanya selera"..Enjoyyy !!


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