03 Oktober 2015


In whatever snippets of ad display, drama, record or movie has always glorified sacrifice of a mother, yes it is true, but one that is often called the Father of us all forget, Dad is a man who really means, without the father who are we in this world. Without our fathers would not be born into this world. While helpless father could no longer struggling to make a living for his family and to raise children as we .. (sad to father a long gone) waaa waaa .. ..

We need to honor their father and appreciate it. Never hurt and feelings. While the mother superior, but the father also plays a big role in educating children so that we become a useful and educated as the ini..bagi frequently or have long forgotten or frowned quickly apologized to her sooner, and do good and help Their so we able..telefon or visit them fall again afdal..pasti happy to remember when we were kids ... definitely overflowing with tears ... forgive them if they ignore us we are human first..Dad often fallible but the important thing we have to forgive him as his son ... amen ... Hope this is useful motivation ...

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