21 Oktober 2015


In a general sense, this means a building used as a residence within a certain period. Houses usually become homeless man in the sense that other house is a portrait of the social concepts of community that exists in residential buildings, such as family life, eat, sleep, daily activities and others. Among the types of houses in the country in brief as follows ...

1.Rumah terrace / Terraced houses (homes connected)
2. Detached house / Semi-detached (twin)
3. Bungalow / Bungalow (Single House)
4. Flat / apartment (Cascade)
5. Apartment (Bunk Wider)
6. Condominium (Bunk Wider And More Expensive)
7. Townhouse (Terraced usual 5 Floor And Modern Pattern)

The house became a popular and coveted by many options and is home BUNGALOW because these houses simply no room in the ground and comfortable. In more clear about the bungalow is will have an area (of land) are relatively wide and the distance between a bungalow with another bungalow which was quite far. Bungalow also known as detached house (detached) if there is a spacious room can plant fruit or ornamental trees around the house while the law STRATA the bungalow is in category strata (level), built terraced house in one area and every level the number of housing units. Land for these houses is owned shared by all unit owners of the house (strata title / titles strata) .Strata is masculine plural of stratum and means a layer or level of language corner.

For all types of houses over there are pros and cons. Landed a nice house because there are areas for growing vegetables, clothes, and happen to be dumpster just outside the home and household best strata can cause life for the congregation and for strata type of medium cost houses over there will be a security guard but a Swimming Pool it is important no matter what kind of house we have, we all should be grateful if we have a house for shelter while there are many who are not able to rent, buy or live in sheltered housing. Hopefully this article useful to those readers who are looking for a home or always hear these kinds of home appliances but can not differentiate between types. Enjoyyy ....

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