07 Oktober 2015


At this time I also want to share about two great games of football in the world today that is Lionel Messi (Argentina) played for Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) plays for Real Madrid. They is a medical term and praise and adoration of millions of fans around the world because raw talent jadi..mereka had a natural talent that no one in a million ... like jewels ..Value while Lionel Messi is 172.7 million pounds (RM929.68 billion), while the estimated annual salary of 17 million pounds (RM84.3 million ) while Ronaldo 104.4 million (RM562.06) while the estimated annual salary of 17 million pounds (RM84.3 million) (salary only, excluding bonuses and other income) .. slept in their currencies both ni..ha ha

List of awards both of them have got many awards that the main palin is the Ballon D'or or games in the world Messi still overcome Ronaldo. Messi won 4 times (2009, 2010.2011, 2012), while Ronaldo 3 times (2008, 2013, 2014) records network for the (senior rangking) Ronaldo Messi cope with a difference of 4 goals only. Record network 443 Ronaldo scored 439 goals, while Messi is recorded in all official competitions Liga, Local League Cup, Cup International and National Team) .. they are great , wealth, fan, skill and natural talent made them famous in the world and has become a legend in the world of football.

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