13 Oktober 2015


Baju Kurung Dress is traditional clothing for women wither. There are two types names Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga dan Baju Kurung Cekak Musang. This shirt is suitable for all levels of society regardless of age. Shirts Brackets are also used to attend weddings, religious, and official functions. In Malaysia, in general, all women wear baju melayu as traditional clothing including formal dresses primary and secondary school students. Only the design and cut dress quite varied by state.

In line with the changing times, now many fashion shows and modern design has been accepted by the community. Although in general we have to accept modern influence in everyday clothes, but it remains the choice of dress for women to wear. Stated differently, Baju Kurung dress design is now more contemporary but still retain their original features that cost up to thousands of images ringgit..ini is the latest in modern baju kurung 2015..enjoyyy ...

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