14 Julai 2015


Lionel Messi disappointed again and in great criticism in the home country..It is headlines around the world in ini..Selepas final of the Copa America in 2015, which Chile has managed to beat favorites Argentina 4-1 in a penalty kick which led to Argentina and its people mourn sad with the defeat and further extends the period of Argentina to win a big tournament like the Copa America (Agentina won the last time in 1993) and the FIFA World Cup (Argentina last won in 1986) is a collection of superstar had most at the moment. Somewhere mistake with all the superstars playing for Argentina's success certainly convenient and easy to reach, but success does not appear as well. Football fans all over the world provide a range of comments, assumptions and interpretations, there is libelous, memperli but there is also a keep or compliment  either negative and positive ...
People who are most disappointed with the defeat of superstar players, and no one's present and award-winning 4 times the world's best games (Ballon d'or) is Lionel Messi he looks VERY sad and very disappointed by the failure this time after the disappointment at the hands of German troops during the 2014 Fifa World Cup, more especially after he was brilliant with his club Barcelona to win three major tournaments in three seasons 2014/2015 until he decided to reject the player of the tournament award Copa America in 2015, he criticized and disputed by Argentina's own people so he decided (message) to relax while representing Argentina, he was on holiday with his family in Argentina breaks and avoid from the public .. weird football team the game, all players are to blame, do not blame individuals, but because he was a superstar Messi ... criticism and condemnation of any of my hard-core fans the team and the players since the days of Diego Maradona's Argentina Lionel Messi again FIXED football player regarded as a genius and had a natural talent on the planet during this ... Messi ..go go !!!

***** Lionel Messi pictures disappointment after the 2015 Copa America final last ****

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