11 Mei 2015


What is the Clickbank?. One way to make money from the internet that is by marketing clickbank products. You know what it is clickbank ?. Yes, clickbank is a portal / marketplace of digital products such as ebooks, software, tutorials, course and other digital products. Clickbank founded upon in 1998 in Broomfield, Colorado and Boise, Idaho United States of America. You can click www.clickbank.com to continue entering the web page.

At present the number of products sold in clickbank there are more than 38 000 products and more than 100000 periklan (Affiliate Marketer) active, with total worldwide sales transactions occurred about 25000 more each day ... wow! .banyakkan Although many in the Internet marketplace, clickbank be the web's most desirable qualities of excellence because its products. Clickbank very careful and cautious for the product to be sold and diiklan dilaman web. A product that is not original and quality clickbank will refuse to sell it.

There are two ways to make money on clickbank:
1. Making products and sold on ClickBank. This method takes quite a long time to remember quite difficult to make products English language and not be able to escape from the selection clickbank.
2. Being an affiliate marketing on clickbank. This method is easier and faster to produce. You simply sign up to be a member and participate in clickbank marketing clickbank products.

I register in www.clickbank.com and
Login to clickbank.com and click Marketplace and click on the "Categories" and select Grafity
See the product more attractive to the commission $ 10
Click the "Promote" to get your affiliate link
Promote your link as on your blog
This is an example when memperolehi affiliate:

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